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How to use Wordfraud

Wordfraud assists you with creating words. Type the letters on your rack that you want to potentially use into the search field and click the "search" button.

Use a . (dot) for each blank/wildcard tile you have.

If you want to connect to a particular letter on the board, include that letter in the search by typing it as an extra available letter.

Wordfraud zoekvenster

Wordfraud will show you all the possible words you can create with the given tiles.

Wordfraud zoekvenster

Wordfraud uses the same word dictionaries as Wordfeud, however there will still be words that Wordfeud will reject because of various filters and criteria they use for their game. Please help us identify and filter these words by using this form when you encounter them.

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This website uses the word list of OpenTaal for the Dutch dictionary

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